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Package and Accessories

ASUS’ traditional packaging style is maintained here. The large external cardboard box contains a bag to carry the notebook around and a smaller black box with the notebook and accessories.

The bag fabric resembles the fabric of the pouch included with the ASUS S6F and the leather pieces in the corners add it more style (for details on the S6F model read our review called ASUS S6F Notebook: Miniature Fellow in Leather Outfit). The black box with the notebook has an original design: its right glossy fold holds the other fold underneath by means of a magnet. The manufacturer’s logo is present on the bag as well as on the box.


Opening both folds of the black box we found the R1F in a pouch like the one supplied with the ASUS S6F, but the transformer’s has a leather piece with pressed-out ASUS insignia and two magnet locks. The pouch doesn’t have any handle or straps, as opposed to the bag, but it provides protection against scratches, etc.



Besides the notebook and the means of carrying it, we found the following in the box: a 5200mAh battery, a power adapter with a LED indicator, a modem cable (RJ-11), documentation (“Quick Installation Guide”, warranty certificate, a list of authorized service centers worldwide, user manual), a Bluetooth mouse with ASUS logo and two AA batteries from Fujitsu, a TV cable, an ASUS cable brace, a stylus with spare plastic tips, a modular tray to replace the DVD drive with, a napkin to clean the LCD panel, and a set of discs that includes:

  • System Recovery DVD No.2030
  • Driver and Utility version 1.0 (No.1989)
  • Nero
  • ASUS-InfoPen version 1.4
  • ASUS XPT RUS OCR PACK version 1.0

This set of accessories is rich, but an additional battery would come in handy considering the modular notebook design. The tip of the stylus is used for writing and for navigating files and folders. Its other end serves as an eraser. There is also a button on the stylus case you can “click” with. The matrix reacts to the stylus only. You cannot use your fingers instead and an accidental touch of the screen won’t move the pointer away.

The mouse is manufactured by Logitech and equipped with a Bluetooth interface. It is powered by standard AA batteries included into the box. To change the batteries, you should pull the top panel back, away from the buttons. So, the ASUS R1F offers as many as three pointing devices: a mouse, a touchpad, and a stylus.


Turn On/Off and Reset buttons can be found on the mouse’s bottom.

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