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A folding leg is located on the battery. You can take it out to position the UMPC at an angle on the desk. Note that the leg is rather fragile, so you should handle it cautiously.

There’s a socket in the bottom right corner for storing the stylus:

As opposed to other UMPCs, the ASUS R2H has an integrated GPS module based on the popular SIRF STAR III chip. The downside of this solution is that the UMPC lacks any fastening mechanism for a car, yet it is going to be better than a PDA due to the faster processor. The integrated antenna is located at the back and should be raised up for better operation. There is a special depression in the case to make it easier to lift the antenna.

The battery with a leg and rubber pads is thin and square. It occupies over a half of the UMPC’s back and has a large capacity of 3440mAh. You can also purchase an additional 6860mAh battery.

The battery hides the cover of the memory compartment and stickers with model info and the OS serial number.


There is a single slot in the memory compartment, occupied by a 512MB module. The other 256MB module is soldered on the mainboard and cannot be replaced. The maximum amount of system memory the R2H supports is 1280MB.

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