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This first UMPC from ASUS is based on an Intel Celeron M 353 Ultra Low Voltage processor (0.9GHz clock rate, 512MB L2 cache, 400MHz FSB).

The Celeron M processor is a cut-down version of the Pentium M intended for thin and light notebooks.


The Celeron M supports all the power-saving features of the more advanced CPUs. The CPU clock rate is reduced to 0.8GHz in the battery mode which doesn’t affect the performance of the UMPC much.

The R2H uses an Intel 910GML chipset that is optimized for Intel Celeron M CPUs. The chipset supports up to 2GB of single-channel DDR-333 SDRAM or dual-channel DDR2-400 SDRAM. It features low power consumption and PCI Express architecture for ExpressCard peripherals.

The South Bridge (ICH6-M) supports one ATA and two Serial ATA ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, and Intel High Definition Audio/AC’97 2.3.

The Intel 910GML features Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with a frequency up to 333MHz and up to 128MB of dynamically allotted memory. GMA 900 supports Pixel Shader 2.0 and is a fully DirectX 9 compatible graphics core. For detailed GMA 900 specs refer to the manufacturer’s website.

The UMPC is equipped with a Hitachi HTC426060G8CE00 hard disk drive (1.8”, 4200rpm, UltraATA, 60GB).

The R2H uses DDR2-533 SDRAM. The accessible slot is occupied by a 512MB module. The other, 256MB, module is soldered on the mainboard. The memory works in dual-channel mode due to the integrated core’s using some of it.

We measured the temperature of the hottest spots on the notebook’s surfaces with an infrared thermometer after it had worked for half an hour in the Classic test mode of Battery Eater Pro 2.60 (the ambient temperature remained constant at 23°C during this test) and got the following numbers:

  • LCD panel – 43°C
  • Back panel – 42°C

The following table lists the detailed specs of the ASUS R2H:

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