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The Internet and multimedia have indisputably redefined the way we use personal computers and the way we treat our mobile gadgets. In the past many generations of personal digital assistants as well as notebook computers were not able to connect to the Internet, but were still considered as valuable devices by all end-users. Now that we have cell phones with Wi-Fi capabilities, there is hardly a point to get other mobile devices without capability to connect to the global network on the run.

Broad set of capabilities available in today’s mobile computers is not a lot behind of contemporary personal computers. For instance, there are notebooks with the latest processors, chipsets as well as graphics cards. However, regardless of technology perfection, there is always a trade-off between capabilities, performance, size, battery time and price. If the trade-off is viable, the product becomes a success among customers, if not, no would be impressed.

Our today’s guest – ASUS S5200NE is an example of ultimate convergence between the power of Intel Centrino technology and design skills of ASUSTeK Computer – one of the largest computer hardware makers on the planet.

For about $1500 you are going to get a notebook that may be a bit behind other models in terms of expansion capabilities and performance, but that is very light, compact, comfortable, reliable, fast and stylish. Besides, at the end you are going to find out that this 12.1” laptop that weigh only about 1.3 kilograms is able to accomplish every single task a larger notebook can. However, ASUS S5200NE is so light that you will be able to easily carry it with you almost everywhere in contrast to more powerful mobile computers. Is ASUS S5200NE a viable solution for business on the run? Read further!

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