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Accessories and Product Bundle

The ASUS S5200NE notebook came in with Windows XP Home Edition and all appropriate drivers installed. Basically, this allows to start working on this computer right after it is unpacked from the box. There is still need to install additional software, such as Microsoft Office, ICQ messenger, etc, but it is easy enough to do this on a computer that is up and running

Following ASUS’ best traditions, the S5200NE is bundled with some additional software and other stuff you may need.

Radio Frequency Mouse

ASUS includes a small radio frequency mouse with its S5200N and S5200NE notebooks. Those of you who use large mice from companies like Microsoft would probably find this one not very comfortable, but at the end of the day this mouse is still more convenient to use than the touchpad. Therefore, this is probably an advantage of ASUS S5N series.

Thing that is not very comfortable is that the receiver of the mouse is not built-in, but should be plugged-in manually. One may dislike an object that sticks out of his or her notebook. But in this case they may use touchpad. Personally, I liked the mouse and how it works.

External CD-RW/DVD-ROM

The ASUS S5200N and S5200NE notebooks are so small that no optical drives can fit inside them. Historically quite a lot of thin and light notebooks were not equipped with CD or DVD ROMs at all, what was a big problem but ASUS found a pretty logical way to solve this issue – to bundle a slim and light CD-RW/DVD-ROM with its notebooks.

The external combo-drive works absolutely flawlessly, it reads compact disks and DVDs, it can write and rewrite CDs with no problems. ASUS supplies Nero 5 as well as InCD software for writing and re-writing CDs along with ASUS DVD XP software to play DVD movies.

External drive may also be considered as a not very comfortable thing – you have to plug it in to set it work. But on the other hand, the external drive that weighs only 250 grams is so small that you can carry it everywhere in the bag without noticing it. This is probably a very nice thing about ASUS’ external drive designed exclusively for S5 series, as it can be always with you, while your notebook will still be extremely thin and light.

Competing solutions from IBM, such as x40 series also come without optical drives and require docking station with such feature. Docking station costs more and cannot be taken with you, therefore, probably ASUS’ approach is more viable.

Anyway, people, who demand Internet, text writing, WLAN and style do not run CDs always on the run, do they?

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