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Bags to Carry Your Notebook

I do not know why, but the vast majority of cases for notebooks that are available in Tallinn, Estonia, are made of cloth. Not that I do not like cloth at all, but I would prefer to have a bag made of leather, as it looks better and is more practical when it rains or in winter (believe me, it rains a lot here!). Obviously, to pay extra money for a case that does not necessarily suit your needs if you live in a country where it rains pretty often, is not a good thing. Moreover, you would not like to pay extra money for anything, would you? :)

For all customers who would not like to pay additional $50-$100-$200 for a bag made of cloth ASUS includes a case that is at least on par with others and is also supposed to be more or less waterproof. It is probably a good bag, especially if it does not rain much in your region. If it does, it would be more logical to get a waterproof bag.

The carrying case allows to store the ASUS S5200N or S5200NE laptop itself, its adapter, external CD-RW/DVD-ROM, mouse, some CDs and some other stuff. This is probably a capacious bag.

If you would still like to get another bag for your notebook, ASUS includes another cover made of special material to protect your notebook against scratches, dirt, dust, etc. Probably a very good thing about this notebook – I really liked that additional cover.

Additional Software

ASUS packs quite a lot of extra software with its PC components. After observing the bundle of the notebook we can say that the same applies to its notebooks as well.

In addition to recovery CDs, drivers and Nero 5, ASUS includes Power Direct Pro ME, Media@ Show SE 2.0 from Cyberlink as well as ASUS DVD XP software with its notebooks. It is not very likely that one of you use video editing software on a mobile PC, though, looks like ASUS thinks a bit different.

On the whole ASUS’ product bundle makes, as always, very good impression. You get nearly everything what you may need to start working right out of the box, even bags to carry your notebook.

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