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Closer Look: the Exterior Design

Design is a big advantage of ASUS S5200NE. As mentioned above, there are very few white notebooks on the market, as a result, once you see the S5200NE in a store, you will surely notice the difference between it and other laptops. Moreover, rounded corners and silver parts make this notebook a fabulous choice for a woman, or a young who demands to have a stylish computer.

Even power button of the notebook is not traditional – it shines with space blue light. One thing you have to note about the button is that it can be pressed too easily. Probably you have to keep it in mind when working so not to turn your PC accidentally.

Unfortunately, black mouse and external optical drive may not necessarily match the white notebook very well, this is something ASUS’ designers need to work on further.

Let’s take a look at the devices and connectors located at the sides of the notebook.

Due to size constraints, you will find nothing on the front of ASUS S5200NE except closing clip and will only discover power-in and Kensington lock on the back panel of the notebook.

All input/output ports are located on the left and right edges of the notebook. On the left you will see PCMCIA, FireWire, USB 2.0 as well as LAN and phone line connectors.

On the right edge of the S5200NE there are 2 USB 2.0 ports, D-sub connector, flash memory card reader, microphone input as well as headphone output. There is also a power connector for the external optical drive.

Once you open the notebook, you notice four LEDs, a speaker and a microphone. LEDs indicate HDD, WLAN activity as well as battery power.

Speaker is good enough to play windows sounds, but if you are interested in music or movies you should use headphones or external speakers. Microphone is certainly not among the best I have ever seen, but is probably something you would expect from a device of this kind. Anyway, to use services like Skype it would be more logical and comfortable to get a Bluetooth dongle and headset, rather than to utilise build-in speaker and mic.

The display of ASUS S5200NE is nice for a display of a thin and light notebook. The backlight lamps are pretty bright, but the viewing angles have some issues because even a small deflection from the center of the screen makes the colours fade away. Though, this does not really affect the process of working, while playing games on such machine is not a common task.

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