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Nowadays it is pretty clear that personal computer without Internet is not a really useful thing for modern business. Today you have to use the most up to date information and get it as quickly as possible.

ASUS S5200NE incorporates 56K modem, 10/100Mbps Ethernet as well as Wireless LAN controller for 802.11b networks. Is it enough? In case you work only at home or office – certainly it is. But in case you travel a lot or want to have Internet from all possible locations you should pay attention to computers with built-in GSM-GPRS modules or Bluetooth adapter to connect your mobile phone to your PC without any wires.

ASUS S5200NE has neither Bluetooth connectivity nor GSM-GPRS capability. This may be easily solved if you get a PCMCIA or USB Bluetooth dongle or adapter. When acquiring such hardware, make sure it works with your mobile phone, as not all Bluetooth dongles work with modern SonyEricsson and Nokia phones.

Upgrade, Performance

Upgrade and performance is probably something not very important about a thin and light notebook. No one would upgrade such machine and I do not think one would use it for 3D games.

After a number of considerations I decided to skip performance tests of the notebook because of absence of practical need for them. Obvious competitor for ASUS S5200NE is IBM X40 series that is absent in our labs. Other ASUS’ notebooks with more powerful processors, more memory and faster HDDs offer indisputable higher speeds in benchmarks, but given that notebooks are intended for not really demanding office applications, advantages in benchmarks may not reflect additional comfort when working.

ASUS S5200NE allows upgrading processor, memory and HDD. All those components can be accessed pretty easily.


ASUS S5200NE notebook is enough fast for office applications and enough light for computing on the run. It features loads of connectivity and communication options, including USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, 802.11b, 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 56K modem and is able to work right out of the box.

Generally speaking, the notebook has everything end-user may demand from it with exception for Bluetooth and GSM-GPRS.

ASUS S5200NE has some upgrade capabilities, including CPU, memory and HDD. More importantly, ASUS sells additional battery packs that allow the 5200NE to work as long as 7 or more hours without recharging, quite serious working time.

Style and white colour is probably a yet another strong side of this notebook, which I personally adore. ASUS S5200NE proved its perfection right on the “battlefield” –   during the CeBIT 2004 in Hannover, Germany. With that said I confess that ASUS S5200NE is a choice of an X-bit labs editor and should be treated accordingly:

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