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Design and Ergonomics

So, I took the S6F out the box and into my hands. Its lid is covered with hand-embossed leather which means that there are no identical samples of the notebook. Each sample is unique. The only not-leather detail here is the metal insert with the ASUS brand.

The leather, metal and the dual-core heart under the hood indicate the masculine character of this machine. However, ASUS doesn’t promote it as a man’s accessory only and offers several color schemes that would suit a businesswoman as well. Besides brown, the lid may be dark-gray, pink or white.

The notebook’s lid doesn’t have a lock, but the hinges hold it down quite strongly. Applying some effort, you can lift the lid up to see some more leather. The keyboard is painted silvery, resembling the Sony VAIO VGN-TX1XRP. The touchpad adds a bit of silver, too. Your hands are going to lie on a material that is more pleasant to touch than the traditional plastic or a magnesium alloy. The screen bezel is painted silvery, too. There are rubber pads on its top for softer contact between the lid and the notebook’s body. Below the screen there is a band of stainless steel that hides two symmetrically placed speakers that produce a characteristic sub-notebook’s squeaking sound. A final touch to this picture is a manufacturer’s logo centered below the display.

There is another chrome-plated label above the movement keys, the same as on the lid but with the series name.

The display is fastened to the notebook’s body in a way that is similar to the Sony VAIO VGN-TX1XRP. The rear part of the notebook rises up a little and is shaped cylindrically. The screen hinges proper are rounded off, too, and fit perfectly into this cylinder. The notebook unfolds at an angle of considerably less than 180 degrees. It’s not quite good as some users like to have their notebooks fully unfolded.

The names of the manufacturer and product series are engraved on the ends of the cylindrical hinge.

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