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The side panels carry the ASUS logo and also have vent holes shaped in such a way as to ensure air flow towards the two hottest devices, i.e. the CPU and the graphics card.

Big vent holes are the best way to ensure effective and quiet cooling

The back panel is quite an ordinary sight: a power supply, a pair of exhaust fans and a connections panel.

The ASUS S-presso S1: rear view

The two exhaust fans aren’t just a decoration – they are efficient enough despite their small size.

Now it’s time to have a look at the barebone’s internals. A step-by-step instruction on how to dismantle the case is attached to the top panel. Without this instruction even an experienced user may not guess right how this operation is to be performed. But it turns out to be quite easy and quick.

Don’t be so hasty to remove this sticker – read it carefully first!

First you cautiously remove the front panel by pulling its bottom toward yourself. Then unfasten the screw at the rear panel and shift the top part of the case forward.

The screw that fastens the top panel

Then you just pull the handle on the top panel. The top panel unfolds along with the front part of the barebone.

It turns out to be rally simple!

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