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Talking about the dimensions of the system case, I can’t refrain from comparisons to what has now become an industry standard – the “cubic” form-factor of barebone systems from Shuttle. The Terminator 2 has nearly the same width and depth, but is much taller. This height allows accommodating two 5.25” bays for optical drives. Besides the doors of the drive bays, the front panel has a LED display telling you about the operational mode of the system, buttons for using the ASUS Instant Music feature, and panels that cover a “7-in-1” card reader and a panel with USB, IEEE1394 and audio connectors:



You turn the T2-P on by pressing the Power On/Off button. Besides, there is a set of Instant Music control buttons including those which: 1) activate Instant Music mode, 2) enable CD playback/FM-tuner, 3) play a track/auto-search for a radio station, 4) stop a track/stop auto-search for a station, 5) wind forward-backward/browse through the radio stations, and 6) control the sound volume in this mode:


The back panel of the Terminator 2 offers you the standard selection of interfaces any ATX system has, but with an important addition: there are also a connector for attaching the antenna of the integrated FM-tuner and the bracket of the expansion card with Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi antenna connectors:

The sides of the system case have vent holes and they are the only way for cool outside air to come inside: other panels don’t have any perforations for this purpose. However, the total area of the side holes is big enough for the system not to suffocate. He noise level is also not too high, because the air doesn’t flow too fast through the holes and doesn’t hiss annoyingly (we will talk about the noise in more detail later).


So the exterior and functionality of the ASUS Terminator 2 are very satisfying. Let’s delve deeper and into this barebone system.

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