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Before making my final verdict, I’d like to offer you the list of basic specifications for ASUS T2-P:

  • Intel 865G/ICH5 chipset supporting FSB400/533/800MHz;
  • Supports Intel Pentium 4 processors (Northwood/Prescott) with a frequency up to 3.4GHz;
  • 2 DIMM slots for up to 2GB of PC1600/2100/2700/3200 memory;
  • 1 AGP 8x slot;
  • 1 PCI slot;
  • Integrated graphics core aka Intel Extreme Graphics 2;
  • Six-channel AC’97 audio;
  • 10/100Mb Ethernet controller;
  • Gigabit Ethernet controller;
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi controller;
  • 2 SerialATA + 2 UltraATA channels;
  • Integrated FM-tuner;
  • Instant Music mode;
  • One FDD, one HDD and two 2.5” bays;
  • Integrated card reader supporting Compact Flash Type I and II, MicroDrive, MemoryStick, MemoryStick Pro, Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card, Smart Media Card;
  • The front panel carries: 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 IEEE1394 ports, S/PDIF, Mic and headphones jacks, integrated card reader and Instant Music control buttons;
  • The back panel carries: four USB 2.0 ports, line-put/line-in/mic-in jacks, COM and LPT ports, PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard, VGA D-Sub output, Game/MIDI port, two RJ45 ports (Fast 10/100Mbit and Gigabit Ethernet), FM antenna connector and Wi-Fi antenna connector;
  • Dimensions: 190x310x300mm.


Once again I would like to say that the exterior of the system strikes as very attractive: very regular and stylish at the same time.

All components of the system are neatly arranged inside the case to ensure their effective cooling. What’s especially good, the HDD, a traditionally vulnerable part of the SFF PC, receives enough cool air in the Terminator 2 case. The system produces little noise due to a big but low-speed fan in the power supply unit, the management of the system fan and the CPU cooler, and the numerous vent holes at the sides.

Features like the integrated FM-tuner and Instant Music may suit people who use their computer system for listening to music and other entertainment.

A high-performance modern mainboard forms the foundation of T2-P, ready to accommodate fastest Socket478 processors. The chipset has an integrated graphics core – I’d better not mention its performance in 3D, but it allows using external AGP 8x graphics cards. Overall, Terminator 2 is a flexible platform that can be transformed into any computer system: from a humble office PC to a powerful gaming machine.


  • Stylish appearance;
  • Little noise;
  • Good thermal environment;
  • Abundant communication capabilities;
  • Integrated flash card reader;
  • Integrated FM-tuner;
  • Instant Music.


  • Problems with installation of powerful graphics cards;
  • The only PCI slot is already occupied by an expansion card;
  • The integrated FM-tuner picks up noise in the ordinary operation mode of the system.
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