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Exterior Design and Ergonomics

Comparing the pictures of the U6Sg and the ASUS U1, the junior model of the series, you can easily see common family traits, but there are also a few differences. The U6Sg has a superb lacquer coating of the lid. There are numerous spangles under the glossy layer (the manufacturer calls this ASUS Shimmery Fiber), which resembles metallic paint from the car industry. These spangles shimmer under any, even soft, lighting, but get invisible from a distance. Although not as easily soiled as other glossy coatings, this one still requires regular care.

Another difference from the U1 is that the silvery moldings of the U6Sg are not all made from stainless steel. The molding around the lid is made from silver-painted plastic. There is a piece of leather material instead of plastic at the notebook’s front. It goes the front panel up to the keyboard. The color of the leather differs from other luxury notebooks developed by ASUS. It is dark brown here.

The notebook’s single speaker can be found in the right part of the front panel under a grid. You shouldn’t expect anything special from it.

The notebook doesn’t have a display lock as is typical for this form-factor. The lid is held shut by the stiff hinges that are fastened to the cylindrical part at the back of the notebook’s body. You can unfold the notebook by somewhat less than 180 degrees.

The interior design differs from the other U series models. As we said above, the base is trimmed with dark-brown leather. It is replaced with silvery plastic from the keyboard up. We saw a silvery keyboard on the ASUS U3, but the screen bezel is usually black.

A 1.3-megapixel web-camera with a silvery rim is integrated into the top of the screen bezel. You can only adjust its position by changing the tilt of the screen. There is a tiny activity indicator to the left of the camera’s eye.

The ASUS U6Sg is equipped with a widescreen 12.1-inch LCD matrix that has an aspect ratio of 16:10 (WXGA). Its native resolution is 1280x800 pixels. The matrix’s viewing angles seem to be wide enough for a notebook’s display. The LED-based backlight makes the image bright. The LCD matrix has a glossy coating that increases contrast and saturation but also acts as a mirror, reflecting every bright object behind your back.

The notebook features ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement technology (a number of factory-set image modes differing in color saturation and color temperature). You can choose a Splendid mode with the Fn+C shortcut.

Splendid mode

Besides the factory-set modes (Normal, Gamma, Vivid, Theater and Soft), you can create your own one. Just choose the My Profile option and achieve the image you want using the available settings.

The U6Sg offers 16 grades of screen brightness but the screen is too dark at the lowest grades. The brightness level is adjusted by pressing Fn together with F5 and F6.

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