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The U6Sg is equipped with two batteries: a standard 3-cell battery (2400mAh) and an additional 6-cell battery (4800mAh). Both batteries work at a voltage of 11.1V, so their capacity is 27 and 53Wh, respectively. The default battery is rather just a lure for the customer because its capacity is too low. However, the declared weight of the notebook is measured for that battery.

The larger battery sticks out of the notebook’s case, spoiling its elegance and increasing the weight of the notebook from the declared 1.57 to over 1.7 kilos.

You can also purchase an optional 9-cell battery with a capacity of 7800mAh (87Wh) but the notebook will lose all its visual appeal then: this battery will protrude too far from the case. Every battery has two locks on its case.


On the bottom panel there is a single cover of the combined memory, HDD, GPU and CPU compartment, a battery module, a Shutdown/Reset button, and stickers with model information and the OS serial number.


An optional SIM card slot can be found under the battery. This card would allow you to connect to 3G cellular networks.

The memory compartment contains two slots both of which are occupied by 1024MB modules. The maximum memory amount supported by the notebook is 4096 megabytes, so you can upgrade the memory subsystem by installing 2GB sticks.

The notebook’s bottom has numerous holes for ventilation. Some of these holes are going to be blocked if you put the notebook down on your laps.

We put the notebook down on a piece of fabric, ran PCMark Vantage for half an hour and then measured the temperature of the notebook’s processor with CPUID Hardware Monitor. We got the following numbers:

  • 66°C (AC mode)
  • 52°C (battery mode)

The numbers are rather low. You can work with the notebook on your laps without fearing that it may overheat.

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