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A combination of restrained, stylish exterior design and wide functionality, the new notebook from ASUS in a light aluminum-magnesium case is a symbol of success and impeccable taste of its owner. The ASUS V6J (V6X00J) will do well as an accessory that shows everyone your achievements. With a lot of innovative design solutions and an up-to-date mobile configuration, this notebook is a lucky mix of good looks and solid internals.

Any apprehensions about the new Napa platform, especially about its poor battery life characteristics, have not been confirmed in practical tests. The new mobile platform with the new dual-core mobile processor isn’t any worse in terms of power consumption as the older platform with single-core Pentium M (Dothan).

The single thing that can prevent you from being interested in a notebook on the new processor is that a newer dual-core processor is coming this fall. It is codenamed Merom and will support the 64-bit EM64T extensions. This may be a very important feature considering the upcoming release of the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista. So, the first dual-core mobile processor from Intel may become obsolete after only half a year of being around. But do you want to wait till the fall?


  • High performance
  • Long battery life
  • Pretty exterior
  • Rich accessories
  • Wireless opportunities
  • 1-month LCD Zero Bright Dot warranty
  • Quiet operation and low heat dissipation


  • You can’t see the system indicators well when the lid is open
  • Mirror-like display (on the ASUS V6J (V6X00J) with a 1.66GHz CPU)
  • Congested placement of the I/O ports
  • Defective touchpad
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