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Closer Look

The box with the notebook is so large that one may get an impression as if it contains a 15” TV-set at the very least. It turned out that the manufacturer just additionally protected the notebook by putting a smaller, colorful box with the name of the series and a picture of the notebook into the larger box. A bag and a pouch for wearing the computer are packed in the larger box, too.

Out of the box came a portable computer that shatters all the established notions about ASUS notebooks. I mean that they are all alike to each other visually, but the ASUS V6J (V6X00J) is different in appearance from its predecessors as well as from models of other manufacturers, except for the color scheme (the aluminum-magnesium case is painted the dark silver color ASUS often uses in its notebooks). A silvery bands runs around the perimeter of the top and bottom halves of the computer and ends at the display hinges.

There’s a light silvery insert at the back part of the lid with the manufacturer’s name in the right corner and copies of system status indicators in the middle. The engineers didn’t put them on a notebook’s edge as usual and they are perfectly visible when the lid is down. This group includes the following indicators:

  • Power indicator (alight when the notebook is turned on and blinking when in standby mode)
  • Battery charge indicator (alight when the battery is being recharged; doesn't shine when the battery is charged or fully discharged)
  • Bluetooth indicator (alight when you turn on the Bluetooth adapter with the appropriate button above the keyboard)
  • WLAN indicator (blinking when the integrated WLAN adapter is receiving or sending data packets)

Not quite usual for ASUS, the display lacks a latch. The lid is pressed down tightly to the notebook’s bottom with spring-loaded locks, supposedly located in the screen hinges.

The same color scheme continues inside the notebook; even the touchpad is painted dark silver, except the touch-sensitive panel itself. There is a black bezel around the display with four pads at the top for a softer abutment and the name of the manufacturer in the middle. Under the display and between the two hinges, there is the notebook’s battery. Near it, a second group of indicators, a Power-On button and instant-launch keys are placed.

The design of the display hinges differs from what you may have seen in other notebooks from ASUS. The hinges go out of the lid rather than out of the notebook’s bottom. The consequence is that you cannot fully unfold the notebook, but you don’t actually need to do this often after all. The maximum angle of the lid is shown in the snapshot below.

The ASUS V6J (V6X00J) lacks Audio DJ buttons. This is probably the first large model from ASUS (i.e. with a diagonal of 15”) I’ve met that cannot play audio CDs without booting the OS. I guess ASUS has abandoned this feature due to the high popularity of music files in MP3 format which was not supported by Audio DJ.

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