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Well, I think I like the results of the “rejuvenation” ASUS performed on its older notebook model. The new ASUS W1J00Ga has retained the excellent design, good ergonomic and functional qualities of its predecessor (and I don’t think there’s anything calling for improvement in this notebook at all), but the changes in the configuration were a necessary measure due to the demands of the times and the progress in the notebook market. The performance of the notebook has increased considerably. Other improvements about the ASUS W1J00Ga are the new and better LCD matrix with high brightness, good contrast ratio, satisfactory viewing angles and color reproduction. The Mobile Theater utility has also grown up along with the notebook – to version 2.1

Of course, you can find some minor defects in this model, too. I’d even say they’ve been inherited by it from the predecessor. The plastic magnet-held gag that covers the ports and connectors on the left side of the notebook’s case makes it not very handy to use the card-reader, for example.

But on the whole, the ASUS W1J00Ga can truly be called a top-model, as it’s not only a stylish and eye-catching device, but also a full-featured entertainment center in an elegant notebook case.

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