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It’s been a good trend on the manufacturers’ part to try to pack as much functionality as possible into electronic devices. Sometimes you couldn’t have all the equipment you might need in your home or office just because it took so much space – it was hard or even impossible to put a printer, a scanner, a fax and a copier all on your desk. Consumers were eventually offered multifunctional devices that combined various functions and cost less than the total of the respective single-function devices. You can see the same trend in the mobile sector where cell phones now combine a lot of extras like MP3-player, photo camera, radio, etc. When it comes to computers, desktop PCs can already become a replacement of a lot of home and office equipment. Notebooks used to lag behind desktop PCs in terms of functionality, but the recent years have witnessed a tremendous growth of performance and capabilities of portable computers. Combined with numerous other advantages, this gives notebooks a competitive edge and makes them look even more appealing than their bulky desktop counterparts.

This article is about a multifunctional computer, too. The updated ASUS W2Jc incorporates a number of various devices you don’t usually see in a portable computer. What do you expect to get from a notebook anyway? Good performance in office applications; good enough speed in games and graphics applications if it’s got a discrete graphics core; an opportunity to watch movies, but on a small display and with poor sound (if you don’t have headphones); and Internet-related functionality.

That’s about all. The W2Jc series from ASUS is meant to break the established tradition in the world of portable computing. The first thing you can’t but notice is the high-quality widescreen display with a diagonal of 17 inches. Next, the ASUS W2Jc family boasts an integrated TV-tuner from FlyVideo, the letter “c” in the model name meaning that this is a hybrid tuner (analog and digital together). The notebook also boasts an advanced audio subsystem with four rather powerful speakers and a small but vociferous subwoofer. As a bonus to all these things, the manufacturer includes a remote control to navigate in multimedia applications from a distance.

Today we are going to review the peculiarities and performance of the ASUS W2Jc notebook family using W2U00Jc02 model. In the following sections I’ll give you a more detailed description of the notebook and its configuration and will test it and compare its performance with that of the ASUS V6X00J model which has a more or less similar configuration (for details see our review called ASUS V6J Notebook on Intel Dual-Core Processor).

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