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Package and Accessories

The package of the W2U00Jc02 is an original creation of ASUS’ designers. It’s mostly black, with a picture of a speaker in the middle of the front side with kind of audio waves spreading out towards the sides. The front edge is cut off as if the box is meant for carrying an accordion. The manufacturer’s name is at the bottom; a description of the contents – “Mobile Digital Home” – is at the top. The name of the series, W2, is placed right in the middle. This box was enclosed into a bigger package along with a special bag to carry the notebook.

The set of accessories you are given along with your W2U00Jc02 is simply gorgeous. The manufacturer took care just about everything you may ever want when using this notebook. So, the box contains: a 5200mAh battery, power adapter, RJ-45 phone cable, audio/video adapter (AV/S-Video), documentation, a small Bluetooth-interfaced mouse from Logitech with an ASUS logo in the middle, a bag to carry the notebook around, an NTSC/PAL adapter, an antenna for digital TV/FM radio, an adapter to connect the coaxial connector to a thin notebook (this is how it is referred to by ASUS), a remote control on two batteries, a mini-DVI → DVI adapter, an S-Video cable, stereo headphones with the manufacturer’s logo, and a set of CDs:

  • Two system recovery discs
  • Driver & Utility ver.1.0 (No.1462)
  • Nero v.
  • DVD Solution (PowerDVD 6.0 and PowerProducer 3.0)
  • ASUS Mobile Theater v.4.0

The mouse feeds upon standard AA batteries; to put them in or replace them, just pull at the mouse’s top panel away from the buttons:

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