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Design and Ergonomics

The ASUS W2U00Jc02 looks like an exquisite photo album. Its case is made of an anodized aluminum alloy (although some web sources claim the W2 series is made of a magnesium alloy). The notebook’s internal panels are made of the same material, too, rather than of plastic. The color of the case is almost black with visible metallic streaks. There is a light-silver edging running along the perimeter of the lid and separating it visually from the notebook’s bottom half. The manufacturer’s name is placed in the middle of the lid. The left and right panels that carry most of the notebook’s interface ports are painted the same color.

One thing that’s certain to draw your attention at first sight is that the notebook’s got front feet that are typical rather of hi-fi equipment. That’s a curious solution, but quite explainable considering the product’s “digital home” positioning.

New models of notebooks from ASUS don’t have a lid lock. Instead, the display is held by means of built-in magnets. The middle part of the notebook’s bottom is a little sunken down, so the screen can be lifted up very easily. You can see the same colors inside: the silvery bezel around the touchpad is the single light spot in the totally black top panel. The screen bezel is black, too, with an ASUS logo under the screen and two out of the notebook’s five speakers on both sides of it. This pair of speakers is directed right at the user.

The hinges are shifted a little backwards, and the display is moving a little away from you as you are lifting it up. The notebook cannot be unfolded fully (the lid is fastened to the bottom through jutting parts of the screen bezel) as the next snapshot shows:

Like the entire W2 series, the ASUS W2U00Jc02 is equipped with a 17” matrix that has a huge max resolution of 1680x1050 and an aspect ratio of 16:10 (WSXGA+). The viewing angles seem big enough visually. The “glassy” display may prove inconvenient at work since you can see any well-lit object reflected in it as in a mirror. So you have to take care about proper lighting before you get to work. This glassiness has a good side, though, because it makes the image much more saturated. The W2U00Jc02 also uses a number of exclusive technologies from ASUS (which in fact lead to that glassiness of the display):

  • Crystal Shine technology gives you a clear and sharp image with bright and lively colors, ideal for watching movies and playing games

  • Color Shine is the name of the technology for making “glassy” LCD displays that ensures high image quality and color saturation, yielding a lively and colorful image.

  • ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement is an innovative technology that claims to have lifted the quality of video on the notebook to a whole new level. This feature helps find optimal display parameters for video applications (it is controlled with the Fn+C key combination).


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