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The ASUS W2U00Jc02 is rigged up in the latest mobile fashion. It has an Intel Core Duo T2500 processor with a clock rate of 2.00GHz (65nm Yonah core, 2MB shared L2 cache). Besides the time-tested Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology (it allows lowering the CPU clock rate at low loads by reducing its multiplier), the processor supports Dynamic Power Coordination (the power consumption of the cores can be varied separately depending on the current load) and Dynamic Cache Sizing (unused cache segments are turned off to save power). For more information about the new processor refer to our Centrino Duo platform review.


Being an implementation of the Napa platform, the notebook is equipped with an Intel Calistoga 945PM chipset. This chipset supports DDR2 SO-DIMMs, thus offering more memory bandwidth at lower power consumption, and a PCI Express x16 interface for an external graphics card. The ICH7-M chip is used as the chipset’s South Bridge and is connected to the North Bridge via a special-purpose Direct Media Interface. The South Bridge supports one Parallel ATA port, two Serial ATA ports, eight USB 2.0 ports and Intel High Definition Audio. It also offers six PCI Express x1 lanes to connect external devices. For more information about this platform, refer to this article on our site or visit the website of its developer.

Like previous models in the W2 series, the W2U00Jc02 is equipped with a new discrete graphics core from ATI, Mobility Radeon X1600, with 256MB of dedicated graphics memory.

This 90nm graphics chip consumes little power and is thus an optimal choice for mobile computers.

This is an advanced 3D architecture with powerful capabilities and a new memory controller. It works with GDDR3 memory and provides full support for DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 to enable amazing special effects in 3D games and applications. ATI’s Avivo display engine delivers high-quality video and, quoting the manufacturer, can transform the notebook into a cinema-quality entertainment system. The graphics core supports the power-saving ATI’s Powerplay 6.0 technology, too. Running a little ahead, I want to say that the performance of the notebook’s graphics subsystem suffers a rather big hit on disconnect from the mains, which is not very agreeable. A detailed specification of the graphics core can be found here.

The W2U00Jc02 is equipped with a 2.5 hard disk drive Fujitsu MHV2120BH with a spindle rotation speed of 5400rpm and an impressive 120GB capacity. Not a usual thing for notebooks, this hard drive has a SATA interface. The notebook also has a slot-loaded DVD drive Matsushita UJ-846S. The single drawback of slot-loaded drives is that you can’t use mini-discs in them, but their mechanism lasts longer and is also dustproof. The speed characteristics of the Matsushita UJ-846S are as follows:

  • 5x Speed DVD-RAM Writing
  • 8x Speed DVD-R Writing
  • 2x Speed DVD-R(DL) Writing
  • 4x Speed DVD-RW Writing
  • 8x Speed +R 4.7GB Writing
  • 2.4x Speed +R (DL) Writing
  • 4x Speed +RW 4.7GB Writing
  • 24x Speed CD-R Writing
  • 16x Speed CD-RW Writing
  • 24x Speed CD-ROM Reading
  • 8x Speed DVD-ROM Reading

The notebook has two 667MHz DDR2 memory modules. The slots are easily accessible, but this is not important here since the W2U00Jc02 already comes with as much of memory as it can support.

I measured the temperature of the hottest spots on the notebook’s surfaces with an infrared thermometer after it had worked for half an hour in the Classic test mode of Battery Eater Pro 2.60 (the ambient temperature remained constant at 22°C during this test) and got the following numbers (which are rather low for such a high-performance machine):

  • LCD panel – 27°C
  • Keyboard – 30°C
  • Bottom panel – 40°C

The table below lists the technical specs of the ASUS W2U00Jc02 and compares them with those of the ASUS V6X00J011:

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