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Design and Ergonomics

Now let's take a closer look at the laptop itself.

It is the integrated 1.3-megapixel web-camera that distinguishes the W5F from the rest of ASUS notebooks. The camera unit can be turned around by 180 degrees; it differs in color from the notebook’s case and protrudes a little beyond the lid.

The notebook itself is almost pure black. The top and bottom have silver moldings that stop a little short of the screen hinges. The camera unit is painted silver and has an ASUS logo on the back side of the lens. The edges of the lid are rounded towards the sides, making that miniature notebook look even smaller.

The W5G00F comes in two color schemes. Besides black, as the reviewed sample, the manufacturer offers a white version of the notebook (this version will only suit for very tidy users because any traces of dust become immediately visible on the snow-white surface). There are also silvery tones in that color scheme, besides pure white. The solution produces a feeling of visual lightness and weightlessness. The silvery keyboard blends into the case, winning more points for style. This design was distinguished with numerous awards.

Like in the ASUS W6F, the rear part of the lid differs from the rest of it in color and texture. In the center of that junction there are two copies of status indicators that remain visible when the lid is closed:

  • Power indicator (alight when the notebook is turned on and blinking when in power-saving mode)
  • Battery charge indicator (alight when the battery is being recharged; off when the battery is charged or fully depleted; blinking when the battery charge is below 10% and the notebook is not connected to an AC source)

Typically of ASUS’ recent notebook models, there is no lid latch here. The lid is pressed down to the notebook’s bottom by means of spring-loaded locks in the hinges.

The hinges crop up out of the bottom part of the case, allowing you to unfold the notebook by a full 180 degrees. This may be convenient at times.

The color scheme continues within. The dark-silver touchpad and its bezel are the only elements that are not black. The screen bezel is black, too, and bears an ASUS logo in its top left.

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