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The notebook is equipped with an 87-key black keyboard. The buttons are stiff and do not rattle. The movement keys are fitted into the rest of the keyboard and are level with the keyboard’s baseline, which increases the chance of your pressing them accidentally. The bottom left corner is occupied by the Fn button rather than by Control, which may be inconvenient for people who are used to shortcuts like Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V. The functional keys are somewhat smaller than others. Home, Page Up, Page Down and End make up a column on the right. Pause, Print Screen, Insert and Delete are placed in the same row with the functional keys (you should press them in combination with Fn to access their additional functions). The letters are painted white and the functional keys are painted blue.

The surface above the keyboard has a different texture. It is grooved rather than meshed. A chrome Power button is located below the right hinge and highlighted with a green LED. You can also find more system indicators and instant-launch buttons here. The indicators include (from left to right):

  • Storage (it shows that the hard disk or optical drive are being accessed)
  • Caps Lock
  • Instant Fun PLUS (you can also use it as an ordinary Num Lock indicator – the numpad can be emulated by the buttons of the main keyboard)

The instant-launch buttons include:

  • Button to launch a Power4Gear eXtreme program (it allows switching between a few power-saving modes that differ in such parameters as CPU frequency, screen brightness, Windows power management scheme, etc)
  • Bluetooth On/Off button
  • Wi-Fi On/Off button
  • Button to launch the setup tool of the Splendid technology
  • Instant Fun PLUS button that launches a multimedia player for watching DVDs, VCDs, videos, viewing photos (in the My Documents/My Pictures folder), listening to musical CDs or files

The hole of the monophonic microphone is to the left of the keyboard, like in the A8 series models. This position is good as it is close to the user and you can’t cover the microphone with your hand accidentally.

The X80L has a black touchpad with a dedicated vertical scrolling zone on the right. Horizontal scrolling is also supported, but not marked with paint. The sensitive panel is not ideally smooth. It is crossed with uneven grooves, making your finger move horizontally. As a result, the touchpad is rather unhandy, but a mouse is not included with the X80L, as opposed to most other notebooks from ASUS. The touchpad buttons are stiff and have a distinct click. There is no scrolling joystick or fingerprint scanner.

To avoid touching the touchpad while using an external mouse, you can block it by pressing Fn+F9.

The notebook’s left panel contains the following components (from left to right):

  • 4-in-1 card-reader supporting Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital formats

  • Optical drive with an eject button and emergency eject hole
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 4-pin FireWire port marked as DV (for Digital Video)
  • Microphone connector
  • Combined S/PDIF and headphones output
  • 26-pin ExpressCard 34/54 slot

The notebook’s right panel carries two USB ports only.

The battery is located at the notebook’s bottom, so there are quite a lot of connectors at the back panel (from left to right):

  • Power connector
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • TV output (S-Video)
  • 15-pin D-Sub connector for an external monitor
  • LAN port (RJ-45)
  • Modem port (RJ-11)
  • Kensington security slot.

The X80L comes with a 6-cell 4800mAh battery rated for a voltage of 11.1V. Thus, its capacity is 53Wh.

On the bottom panel there are covers of the HDD, memory and CPU compartments, a battery module, and stickers with model information.


The memory compartment contains two slots both of which are occupied by 1024MB modules. This is in fact the maximum amount of memory the notebook supports.

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