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Design and Ergonomics

With all its impressive dimensions, the ASUS Z83Db doesn’t seem bulky visually. Its body is painted a dark gray. A light gray frame goes around the lid and another such frame encircles the notebook’s bottom that sticks out from under the lid. This difference in the length of the top and bottom halves of the case is used in the A7 series to place the Audio DJ buttons which are missing in this model. Instead, there is a caption there that reads “ASUS WIDE SCREEN 17 INCH NOTEBOOK.”

There are status indicators on the right, just like with A7 series notebooks. They are visible irrespective of the position of the lid and include (from left to right):

  • Power indicator (alight when the notebook is turned on and blinking when in Standby mode)
  • Battery indicator (alight when the battery is being recharged; off when the battery is charged or fully discharged; blinking when the battery charge is below 10% and the notebook is not connected to the electric mains)
  • E-mail indicator (it is blinking when there’s new mail in your inbox; this feature requires software setup and is only compatible with Microsoft’s e-mail clients)
  • WLAN indicator (blinking when the WLAN adapter is sending out or receiving data packets)

Below these, there is a hole of the Consumer Infrared port that provides an opportunity to control and navigate multimedia applications remotely.

It’s not typical of ASUS, but the Z83Db has a lid lock. It is designed as a push-down button rather than a latch as in many other models and is centered on the front edge of the lid, opposite to the ASUS logo.

The color scheme is continued up to the keyboard level, and then everything goes black. There are rubber pads along the perimeter of the display for softer contact with the notebook’s bottom half. Another ASUS logo is placed centered below the screen.

In the top part of the display there is a traditional solution from ASUS, a 1.3-megapixel web-camera in an oval frame accompanied with an integrated microphone.

The screen hinges are located in the cylindrical part that is elevated above the notebook’s bottom half. This solution allows unfolding the notebook by 180 degrees and even a little more.

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