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There are a lot of notebooks based on the new Intel mobile Centrino Duo platform these days. However, the previous Centrino platform including the Intel Pentium M processor and i915PM/GM chipsets doesn’t feel like giving up its positions either. Therefore, we decided to perform a comparative testing of two notebooks based on two different mobile platforms from Intel.

For our test session we picked two notebook computers from the same category and similar price range based on the old Centrino and the new Centrino Duo platforms. The notebooks we selected for our experiment come from ASUS: U5A and W5F. Both notebooks feature s 12.1-inch screen and can be considered highly mobile devices thanks to their relatively small weight: 1.4-1.6kg. ASUS U5A notebook is built around i915GM chipset and Pentium M 760 processor working at 2.0GHz frequency. ASUS W5F notebook is based on i945GM chipset and Core Duo T4200 processor working at 1.83GHz frequency. Both mobile platforms participating in our test session were equipped with 1GB of dual-channel DDR2-533 SDRAM working at 4-4-4-12 timing settings.



Below you can see the screenshots from the CPU-Z diagnostic utility taken on both notebooks during our test session.



These platforms are based on integrated mobile chipsets, which implies that ASUS U5A notebook features Intel GMA900 graphics core, and ASUS W5F notebook – Intel GMA950 graphics core. And we have every right to consider these two ASUS notebooks great representatives of the common Centrino and Centrino Duo platforms because they are both equipped with default WiFi components: Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG respectively.

It is important to note that both mobile computers participating in our test session were equipped with the same capacity batteries: 4800mAh.

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