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The manufacturer ships IMO-Desk I651U as a barebone system: without processor, memory and hard disk drive. To install these components, you remove two covers at the bottom of the case, which are fastened with four screws and clips. With the covers removed, you will have no problems accessing the slots and bays.

Regrettably, it’s not that easy to get to the single mini-PCI slot. The user’s manual doesn’t mention this slot at all, and we couldn’t find an easy way to reach it either. In fact, if you want to plug a mini-PCI card into the IMO-Desk I651U, you will have to take the whole system apart, which is not a trivial job. Thus, we suppose the mini-PCI slot of the IMO-Desk I651U is intended for installation of optional cards back at the factory. Ordinary users are in fact deprived of the upgrade options here and will hardly be able to install any additional peripheral devices into this slot.

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