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When you will be looking through the test results you should realize the fact that systems like Chaintech IMO-Desk I651U don’t necessarily need to be fast. The purpose of this mini-system is to be a home computer for playing videos and music, for working in the Internet and using office applications; it’s clear you don’t need much processing power for such tasks. Chaintech IMO-Desk I651U won’t suit you as a gaming station: the integrated SiS315 graphics is far from being a perfect 3D accelerator. That’s why we don’t compare the performance of Chaintech IMO-Desk I651U with that of other systems. We would like to offer you just a few tests. As for its main job, the IMO-Desk I651U is quite good at running multimedia applications.

When benchmarking Chaintech IMO-Desk I651U we installed an Intel Pentium 4 2.53GHz processor, 256MB of DDR333 SDRAM and a Western Digital WD400JB HDD into it. We also allocated 64MB of the system RAM for the needs of the graphics core.

PCMark04, PCMarks


PCMark04, CPU


PCMark04, Memory


PCMark04, Graphics


3DMark2001 SE, Default


Business Winstone 2004


Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2004


Quake3, four, 1024x768x32, fps


Unreal Tournament 2003, dm-antalus, 1024x768x32, fps


Serious Sam 2, Grand Cathedral, 640x480x32, fps


No comments necessary. You can’t use Chaintech IMO-Desk I651U for running games of the current or even previous generation. At the same time, the system is quite fast at running applications that don’t use 3D graphics.


Well, one more manufacturer tried to get into the small form-factor PC business. Chaintech introduced its own unique vision of the home PC concept in the original IMO-Desk platform, which looks like a notebook, but is in fact closer to desktop systems. IMO-Desk I651U won’t bring you mobility, but instead it uses low-cost desktop components with better characteristics than their notebook counterparts. This computer can also be easily upgraded: you can replace the CPU, HDD or memory. Chaintech engineers must have read a lot in genetics: their hybrid of a desktop PC and a notebook is quite viable with many appealing features like small size and full integration.

The compact size and functionality of the IMO-Desk I651U allow using it not only at home, but also in office where its portability and compactness on your desk may come in handy.

As I have mentioned above, Chaintech prepares the whole family of such computers on different chipsets and for different processors, but as for this particular implementation of the IMO-Desk concept, the I651U model, it handles successfully such tasks as multimedia and office applications, Internet surfing and the like. Of course, there are some minor faults we have found and pointed out by IMO-Desk I651U. However, the very idea of the IMO-Desk seems excellent, and those deficiencies can be put up with.

In conclusion I would only like to add that the manufacturer plans to keep the price of the assembled system based on IMO-Desk I651U barebone below $1000, which is quite a nice start for a new platform like that, don’t you think so?

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