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Exterior Design and Ergonomics

The notebook’s plastic case is designed in the classic way: the lid and body are black and separated with a silvery molding at the front. The rear part with the screen hinges is silvery, too.

The manufacturer’s logo and the series name are shown in the middle of the lid.

The display is locked by means of a slider. Below this slider lock there are two ports in the notebook’s body: a microphone input and a headphones output.

The hinges stick out from the bottom part of the notebook, allowing to unfold it by a full 180 degrees and even more.

A third color is added to the color scheme inside: the keyboard is painted gray. The top of the display bezel and the bottom of the body are silver. The sides and the area under your hands are black. There are rubber pads above and below the screen for a softer contact between the notebook’s lid and body.

The Amilo Pro V3405 is equipped with a 14.1” LCD matrix that has a native resolution of 1280x800 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10 (WXGA). The display has a matte coating, which lowers its brightness and saturation but does not reflects light. With this notebook, you don’t have to care about ambient lighting.

We measured the brightness and contrast of the notebook’s display using a Pantone ColorVision Spyder with OptiCAL version 3.7.8 software. We selected the highest brightness setting before this test and it remained almost the same when the notebook switched to its battery. The contrast ratio changed more.

AC power source:

  • 121.9cd/sq.m brightness, 38:1 contrast ratio

DC power source:

  • 116.8cd/sq.m brightness, 31:1 contrast ratio
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