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The results of Unreal Tournament 2003 are most extraordinary. The sub-notebook from Fujitsu Siemens is head above its opponent regardless their almost identical configurations. I rechecked this in every possible way, but to the same outcome. Can this difference be due to the different system drivers?

A sub-notebook is expected to be a digital companion on travels, so it should combine a low weight with a long time of autonomous operation. Let’s check if it’s true for the LIFEBOOK P7010.

The test was performed at the maximum screen brightness in the following modes:

  • Classic – the system bears the maximum and evenly distributed load
  • Reader’s test (the pages are scrolled through each 15 seconds)
  • DVD watching (the DVD movie was launched in Battery Eater’s Idle test mode)

The hard drive of the Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK P7010 has two times the power consumption of the Sony notebook’s drive, but this difference is negligible in this case. It is the difference in the battery capacity that explains why the LIFEBOOK performs worse here (4800mAh against the Sony’s 7650mAh). Well, I should remind you about the auxiliary 2300mAh battery that can be installed into the LIFEBOOK’s modular bay for a longer total battery life, but it is clear that the promised 10.5 hours of autonomous operation are unachievable unless you reduce the screen brightness to the minimum and tweak some power-management settings. On the other hand, the sub-notebook can last as long as 3 hours in the Classic and DVD modes and as long as 4 hours in the Reader’s mode on its main battery alone which is quite an impressive result indeed.

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