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Main System Features and Performance

Namely, the CPU, the chipset of the mainboard and the RAM. In this part of our review we are going to talk about these three main system components.

I guess there is no need to describe the Pentium 4 processor; you all know everything about it already. As it is mentioned in the specs, the ZPC supports Pentium 4 processors with an up to 2.5GHz core clock frequency. And it really does support them! I was first wary about the ability of the 90W PSU to feed such a gluttonous processor, but the system passed all tests without a single glitch or hang-up. So, the manufacturer stood true to its promises here.

The next snapshot shows the CPU cooler:

As you see, the heatsink is not too big, but has a copper plate in the CPU-contacting spot. The cooler does its job very well. Again, the ZPC went through all the tests, even the CPU-frying ScienceMark, without any problems.  

The ZPC features a mainboard based on Intel i845G chipset. Overall, the mainboard carries the following chips:

  • i845GV North Bridge;
  • ICH4 South Bridge;
  • VIA 6306;
  • Realtek 8100B;
  • Realtek ALC650;
  • Winbond W83627HF.

The flowchart of the chipset may already be familiar to you. Here it is:

The North Bridge offers:

  • Intel Pentium 4 with 400/533MHz FSB support;
  • Hyper-Threading technology support;
  • Single-channel DDR200/DDR266 (PC1600/PC2100) support;
  • Intel Extreme Graphics integrated graphics core;
  • No external AGP graphics support.

And the South Bridge complements it with:

  • IDE controller (ATA/100);
  • USB 2.0 support;
  • Intel Hub-Link connection to the North Bridge (266MB/s bandwidth).

As for the rest of the chips, they are the well-known gang: 10/100Mbit/s network and stereo AC’97 audio from Realtek, IEEE 1394 from VIA and various monitoring options from Winbond.

So, we have a standard last-year’s chipset from Intel. Actually, it features everything necessary, but doesn’t boast anything very interesting. :)

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