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The notebook is based on the latest revision of the Intel Centrino Duo platform codenamed Santa Rosa. It also utilizes a new Core 2 Duo processor, the T7300 model.

The CPU has a default clock rate of 2.0GHz and is equipped with 4MB of L2 cache. The FSB frequency is 800MHz. This Core 2 Duo model is the reasonable maximum for today’s office and home tasks.

Chipset and Memory

The platform is based on the Intel PM965 chipset. It is a discrete chipset and the Lenovo ThinkPad T61 uses a standalone graphics core. The rest of the chipset’s features are listed in the diagram.

Here is a list of differences between Intel’s new mobile chipset and its precursor i945PM:

  • FSB frequency increased from 667 to 800MHz
  • Variable FSB frequency (a kind of SpeedStep technology for the system bus)
  • 6 instead of 4 PCI Express x1 lanes
  • SATA-300 controller with support of 3 ports (the previous chipset offers two SATA-150 ports)

So, the changes are considerable, making this chipset an appealing choice. The developer has taken care of everything – performance, power consumption and functionality. As for memory, the Intel PM965 supports the same maximum amount and frequency as the Intel 945PM, namely 4 gigabytes and DDR2-667 in single- or dual-channel mode.

Our sample comes with two DDR2-667 modules, 1GB each. This is the most optimal solution for a modern mobile system. A larger amount of memory is expensive and requires a 64-bit OS.

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