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Package and Accessories

The box with the barebone gives you a notion of its exterior immediately:

Moreover, there’s a detailed description of all the interface connectors on the reverse side of the box:

You should be aware, however, that the pictures show the connectors of the senior model of the series, and there is no indication that the contained model lacks DVI and FireWire connectors as well as S-Video and digital audio outputs. So if you are buying a senior model, you may want to check your purchase right away to make sure they haven’t given you a Lite one by mistake: the package is the same for the whole series.

Some smaller things come out of the box first:

The manual, power cord and CD with driver are things comprehensible enough, while the support and the small plastic gadget are only familiar to users of MSI products. The support was included with barebones of the older Hetis 865GV series and, a little redesigned, now appears in the new series, too. The other thing is nothing else but an exclusive gadget for putting the processor into the socket. I interviewed all my friends who had ever had an MSI mainboard and none of them answered me clearly if this gadget was practical at all. I should confess it transforms the routine operation of CPU installation into a shamanic rite that resembles syringing the socket with a fresh CPU. It’s up to you if you’re going to join the ranks of the initiates, but the gadget is ready for you in the box.

The support is not just a fashionable thing. Owners of AOpen’s 865 series barebones know that it helps to improve the case ventilation. If you put your barebone on this support, the exhaust fan begins to breathe much easier and there’s also less risk that you clutter up the space around the barebone which it needs for proper ventilation.

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