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Assembly Tips

But let’s return from the economy problems to the reviewed barebone. To simplify the subsequent assembly you must dismantle the stiffness rib at the center of the case (it is fixed with a spring-loaded latch):

Just pull at the latch a little and the end of the rib is released:

Next you should take out the PCI slots block:

Unfasten one screw (it is the same as the panels of the system case are fastened with) and extract the block by a special handle:

If putting cables and wires in a system case properly is your favorite hobby, you may be disappointed here. Everything is already done for you with braces and stickers (like the one you can see on the snapshot above, behind the hand). The cables are neatly laid out, so you only have to attach them to their respective connectors.

The PCI slots block is quite an ordinary thing:

These are standard PCI slots. The block’s own connector is intended for a slot of the PCI Express x16 form-factor, but you shouldn’t try to plug in a PCI Express graphics card instead of the PCI block – it won’t work!

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