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When the PCI slots block is removed, you get a better view of the mainboard:

The MS-7131 mainboard is cleverly designed, despite its small size. Since this mainboard model was specifically developed for a particular case, every connector and component was placed properly. The engineers took care about good cooling of the MOSFETs of the CPU power circuit – this is not an extra measure since the case is cramped. The mainboard is powered by a power supply from Delta Electronics with a wattage rating of 250W. This PSU can yield 16 amperes on its 12V power rail which should be enough for any CPU you may install into this system.

To extract the HDD rack, you must first remove the optical drive bay.

It is fixed with a screw that you find next to the system speaker. Just cast this bay aside and extract the HDD rack:

It is an ordinary metal box that helps you to install your hard drive:

A pack of screws stuck inside the rack contains exactly one half of the screws you are going to deal with as you’re assembling the Hetis 915 Lite.

The drive is installed into the rack in an upside down manner (its sticker facing downwards).

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