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After you’ve put your HDD into the rack, you can move the rack back in its place:

Unlike the hard drive, the optical drive is installed without a screwdriver. It is fixed on two sides with special locks:

You just pull the locks out a little:

Then you insert the drive and return the locks into their original position, setting the drive’s mounting holes against the locks’ juts.

The operation is simple and should provoke no difficulties. The barebone is supposed to accommodate a full-size optical drive, so you don’t have to search for a “shortened” design specifically. The drive sits normally in its bay without additional adjustment – the locks are made in such a way that the drive protrudes from the bay right as it should do.

The mainboard allows you to attach either two SATA or two PATA drives and this is quite sufficient for an office computer. The interface and power cables are all tucked away into the gap between the power supply and the drives.

The power supply receives enough air for normal operation. Even more, it takes warm air from the hard drive, working as a HDD cooler.

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