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The PC part consists of a card reader (supports CompactFlash Type I and II, MS/SD/SM/MMC) and a bottom decoration panel that conceals a variety of connectors: SPDIF-In (optical), Mic-in, Headphones Out, two USB 2.0, two IEEE 1394 (4- and 6-pin connectors). You open the panel by pushing a special button, located to the left. The panel smoothly unfolds, rather than jumps open on a spring.

Of course, the display and the optical drive also work in the PC mode, so my proposed division between Hi-Fi and PC parts is purely imaginative.

Overall, the design is good. Only the color of the side insertions on the front panel is questionable. I think silver metal-like or wood-like decorations would look better. But this is a matter of personal taste, of course.

Instead of the HDD activity LED we have this information right on the display (in case you miss it). When the PC is shut down, the display transforms into a clock:

They require setting up after power disconnects, but you may get along without it: the time data is read from the BIOS on turning the PC part on. The rear panel of the MEGA 865 makes us recall that we deal with a relative of “big” PCs. We see an ordinary PSU fan and brackets for AGP and PCI expansion cards.

There’s also a connector to attach the external AM/FM radio-antenna:


And a handful of ports for any event in your computer life: COM, LPT, VGA D-Sub, two PS/2, Ethernet, two USB, SPDIF (optical), three audio connectors and even a modem port. Yes, the MEGA 865 is equipped with an integrated 56K modem!

The aluminum cover of the system case is black-lacquered and abounds in vent slits and holes. You definitely should leave some free space to the sides of the MEGA 865 – this is written on the sticker on the case and reiterated several times in the user manual.

We will examine the internals of the barebone in the section of the review which deals with its functionality as a PC. Right now, let’s examine the multimedia capabilities of the MEGA 865.

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