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The CPU cooler looks imposing for its weight alone: half a kilogram of copper! It has two fans attached to the sides:


Notwithstanding the serious weight category, the design of the heatsink is questionable. The ribs are not very neatly soldered to the massive copper base and soldering is overall not the best solution as concerns heat conductivity, although optimal with respect to cost and manufacturing simplicity.

We’ll discuss the cooling matters later on. By the way, the cooler is fastened to the CPU by means of four spring screws, quite reliably. The cooler’s case has holes to tighten the screws – you’ll need a screwdriver with a long sting.

The fans installed on the cooler differ in size and diameter. This is because a larger fan wouldn’t fit into the system, touching against the memory slots.

The power-supply unit of the MEGA 865 is rated for 250W. Considering the small dimensions of the system, this should be enough for a not-very-extreme system. We’ll discuss this problem shortly.

The specs of the PSU:

Some power connectors are non-standard: one powers the LED display, the BlueBird VL+ chip and other devices that work autonomously in the Hi-Fi mode, and another feeds a special power connector for the optical drive. Right behind the PSU, there are: an integrated modem, a FireWire controller from NEC, an AC’97 Realtek ALC655 codec and a power connector for the Hi-Fi mode.

Overall, we couldn’t find any eye-striking defects in the design or assembly of the MEGA 865. However, the moment of truth comes when you power the system up. That’s what we’re going to get busy with now.

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