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Intel’s “center of the digital universe” talk about its own processors is essentially true. We have any kind of information – music, movies, and books – in the digital form nowadays. To live in this digital universe, we need a computer with a speedy processor.

With the time, however, the computers grew strong enough to make this universe rolling even without the topmost processor, the biggest memory amount, and the fastest graphics card. Many users today don’t want an ultra-fast system, roaring as hell and costing a nice sum of money, because they can get a small, relatively inexpensive and quite noiseless device for performing simple office tasks, for watching movies and for playing games, instead. These machines have even acquired a generic name, “Small Form-Factor PC” or “barebone”.

We have already posted several reviews of such barebone systems (you can find them in our Mobile section). Let us now introduce to you another one – the stylish EZ Watcher 3060 from PC CHIPS.


Case dimensions

262x162x310 mm, (Height x Width x Depth)

Case material


Power supply unit

External, Chi 200. (200W)

Expansion bays

1x 5.25” 1x 3.5”

Front panel ports

Line out (headphones jack)
Mic in (microphone input port)
1 USB 2.0 port
1 IEEE 1394 port

Rear panel connectors

2 PS/2 connectors (keyboard/mouse)
VGA connector (for the integrated graphics)
Line out
Line in
Mic in
1 RJ 45 connector (standard network port for twisted-pair cable)
1 RS232 connector
1 IEEE 1394 port
1 Parallel port and 2 Serial ports

Integrated Card-Reader

Supports reading from CF I / CF II / M.D./ SMC / SD/MMC / MS

Additional accessories

Cooler, user’s guide, power supply unit and power cable

Mainboard (dimensions)

S4-2 (244mm x 205mm)


Socket478, only 400/533MHz system bus


SiS 651 North Bridge + SiS 962 South Bridge


Supports up to 2GB PC2100/2700 DDR SDRAM (266MHz and 333MHz respectively)

Integrated graphics

SiS 315 graphics core

Integrated sound

AC-97 version 2.2-compatible 8bit stereo  full-duplex codec, supports up to 6 output channels (for 5.1 audio)

Integrated LAN

Uses SiS 962 features, 10/100Mbit solution, RJ 45 port

IDE devices

Up to 4 IDE devices ATA 66/100/133, 2 channels

USB ports

6 USB 2.0 ports

IEEE 1394

2 IEEE 1394a compliant ports

The case of the EZW-3060 has many traces of what is usually called creative design, and what we don’t often see in system cases of ordinary PCs. The silver-colored case and the black-lacquered front panel with an informational LCD-display are a treat by themselves, but there is also that wheel, which controls the processor clock-rate “on the fly”! The compact size of the computer allows it to fit well into the definition of a barebone: the height of the system case doesn’t even reach 30cm.

The cooling solution is very thoroughly designed. The system is equipped with a noiseless 70mm fan that blows the hot air off the CPU and the graphics card. The power-supply unit is taken out of the case altogether. I should admit that PC CHIPS engineering team did a really good job: the EZW-3060 system has no temperature-related problems whatsoever.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]


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