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Cooling Solution Efficiency

The installation of a full-size AGP graphics card brings about a considerable CPU temperature growth (by 10oC, in average). You shouldn’t worry about this difference, though. The temperature doesn’t reach any critical point. Even those 47oC we have when the system is working in the hardest mode are considered a perfectly safe operational temperature.


The overall impression from the system is highly positive. PC CHIPS made a good product, which is quite worth the money. The EZ Watcher 3060 is small, handy, and silent. It is a barebone to the bone. With the integrated solutions implemented in this computer, you can enjoy movies and music and perform simple office tasks. Do you want the center of your “digital universe” to be that elegant and cozy? :)


  • Stylish exterior;
  • Compact, easy-to-handle system case;
  • Numerous integrated components;
  • Good performance for its class;
  • High stability.


  • Certain difficulties with the assembly;
  • Cooling system of the installed AGP graphics card will almost surely make the single PCI slot unavailable to you.

You can find more info about the product here.

We would like to thank ATACOM.COM for the opportunity to test this exciting product. To visit ATACOM.COM site, click on the logo below:

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