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Shuttle SN85G4 Assembly

As I have already told you above, to turn your Shuttle SN85G4 into a computer you will have to install the CPU, memory, and graphics card into the mainboard, and connect the HDD and an optical drive if you are going to have one. If you wish you may also install one expansion card as well. Of course, Shuttle developers designed the location of all the system components in a very smart way, so that the assembly could be easy and fast. As a result you will be able to put together your Shuttle SN85G4 without the user’s guide even if you have never dealt with barebone systems before. The last statement has been proven on practice because the Shuttle SN85G4 sample we got fore review didn’t have the user;s guide for some reason.

The installation of the HDD and optical drive is a very easy thing to do: the HDD chassis can be easily remover if you unscrew the two screws first. The CPU cooling can be actually installed without removing the HDD chassis.

The expansion card and the VGA card are installed when the HDD chassis has been screwed back. By the way, SN85G4 allows installing not only “short” graphics cards but also the full-size ones, such as NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4600. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use a graphics card which usually takes up not only the AGP slot but also the next PCI slot, because it will not fit into Shuttle SN85G4. First of all, I am talking about GeForce FX 5900 Ultra here, however, it is also true for some ABIT VGA cards equipped with their brand OTES cooling system.

I would also like to point out that the only tool you will need to assemble your SN85G4 is a screwdriver, while the case cover and the cooling system can be installed and removed without any tools at all, because they are fastened with the screws that feature easy tails. I wonder if Shuttle is going to continue improving the assembly process so that one day even no screwdriver will be necessary? In fact, this seems very likely to happen.

In order to illustrate the easy assembly process I suggest that you take a look at a number of pictures taken at different assembly stages.

Well, first we remove the case cover and the HDD chassis:

Now we remove the cooling system and install the CPU:

Now we install the memory (you can install and remove the memory modules any time, the other system components do not need to be removed to let you access the DIMM slots):

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