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And now we’ve got to the last test. Since Sony VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S is positioned as a sub-notebook, it is expected to travel a lot and for long with its owner and must last as long as possible without an external power source. Let’s check it right now with Battery Eater Pro 2.60.

The test was performed at the maximum screen brightness in the following modes:

  • Classic – the system bears the maximum and evenly distributed load
  • Reader’s test (the pages are scrolled through each 15 seconds)
  • DVD watching (the DVD movie was launched in the Idle mode of the test utility)

The numbers are up to my expectations – this notebook is a truly mobile device! The Sony VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S didn’t last for 7 hours on its battery as promised by the manufacturer (they must have measured the battery life time when the notebook was absolutely idle), but it allows you to watch one movie or read continuously for more than 5 hours – at the maximum brightness of the screen and without an external power source! That’s impressive, I think.

Here are the battery discharge diagrams for the three test modes:

VAIO System Restore

The Sony VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S features a restore-from-the-drive system which is a nice safety measure against serious failures in the notebook’s operation. There is a special hidden partition on the hard drive, called a recovery disk. If you want to roll back the OS, drivers, utilities and software to the state everything was in when you bought the notebook, you should press F10 after you turn it on. You’ll see a menu with the following options:

  • System restore without changing the size of the partitions (disk C restore)
  • System restore and changing the size of the partitions (disk C and D restore)
  • System is restored, the partitions are resized, and the restore area is deleted (to increase the available capacity of the hard disk)
  • Restoration of the recovery disk (using VAIO recovery aids)
  • Default size of the partitions (full restore)

You are asked to create your own VAIO recovery aids when the notebook boots up – I don’t know why the manufacturer didn’t include such discs with the system. You’ll need up to 8 CD-Rs or up to 2 recordable DVDs for that purpose (it took me one DVD-R disc to create my own version).

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