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The VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S lacks a lid latch, using spring locks built into the hinges instead. When the lid is shut, the locks keep it down quite tight. So, you can just lift the lid up and see that the color scheme and the overall style are continued inside the notebook. Even the touchpad is of the same silvery color as the whole case of the VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S. The buttons are an exception as they have a special chromium shine. The words “VAIO” and “Sony” are scattered all around, but they are neat and inconspicuous and are not distracting at all.

The screen bezel matches the overall color scheme of the notebook. Small rubber pads are placed along the bezel for the lid not to heat against the computer’s body.

The touchpad is small, but quite handy. A larger touchpad wouldn’t just fit into the limited room on the panel, but I think they might have made it a bit wider. The sensor area is sunken a bit below to the level of the notebook’s top panel. Two chromium-plated buttons that replace the mouse’s left and right buttons are a little elevated and rounded. There is no joystick for scrolling text and no scrolling zone for that matter, but you can scroll text and pages using the right part of the sensor panel.

The keyboard is smaller than typical “desktop” keyboards. The keys are smaller, too, but their irregular shape (they are wide) makes them easy to use. The arrow keys are shifted a little below the keyboard baseline. The Fn button is most appropriately placed the second key in the bottom row, with only a Ctrl key on the left of it (this is handy for using shortcuts like Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V because you are unlikely to unintentionally press Fn down). The Windows key is located in the bottom row, too, one key over from the spacebar. The functional keys are smaller than the others. Home, PgUp, PgDn and End are combined with the arrow keys; Num Lock, Print Screen, Insert and Delete are located in the functional keys row. The numeric pad and one special Windows-oriented key are also available. The symbols are painted in white, the functional keys (used in combination with the Fn key), in light gray.

The Sony VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S is equipped with a 10.6” matrix with a native widescreen resolution of 1280x768 pixels or WXGA as the manufacturers like to call it. The viewing angles seem to be wide enough, at least subjectively. The matrix features Sony’s X-BLACK LCD technology that ensures high brightness, saturation and contrast of the image.

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