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The heart of this computer is Intel’s Pentium M 753 Ultra Low Voltage processor with a heat dissipation of 5W and a clock rate of 1.2GHz. This CPU is based on the Dothan core which is manufactured on 90nm tech process with strained silicon technology, has a 2MB L2 low-latency cache and a 400MHz FSB. The processor also features Intel’s Enhanced SpeedStep technology which gives the BIOS and software applications the control over the CPU frequency multiplier, so the CPU clock rate can be reduced to 0.6GHz at low loads. This brings its power consumption down and, what is very important for a notebook, results in a longer battery life. We can also note the processor’s support of Execute Disable Bit technology which prevents certain buffer-overflow attacks if also supported by the OS.


The Pentium M processor is part of the Centrino platform which also includes a chipset, and the VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S uses the popular system logic Intel 855GME. The frequency of the graphics core integrated into the chipset’s North Bridge is 250MHz. Despite various power-saving technologies, the heat dissipation of the 855GME is rather high, 4.8W. This chipset is equipped with an AGP 4x controller and supports external graphics processors. The mobile modification of the ICH4 chip acts as the South Bridge here. It supports two ATA-100 channels, six USB 2.0 ports, PCI bus, and AC’97 audio interface.

An interesting feature of this sub-notebook is that it uses a tiny, 1.8” MK6006GAH hard drive from Toshiba with a spindle rotation speed of 4200rpm and a capacity of 60GB.

The SONY VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S is also equipped with a DVD±RW driver Matshita UJ-822Da which has the following speed characteristics:

  • 24x CD-R burn speed
  • 24x CD-ROM read speed
  • 12x CD-RW read speed
  • 10x CD-RW burn speed
  • 8x DVD-ROM read speed
  • 4x DVD+R read speed
  • 4x DVD+RW read speed
  • 4x DVD-R read speed
  • 4x DVD-RW read speed
  • 2.4x DVD+R burn speed
  • 2.4x DVD+RW burn speed
  • 2x DVD-R burn speed
  • 2x DVD-RW burn speed

The notebook has two memory slots, one of which contains a 512MB module and the other is empty, giving you an upgrade option (the maximum amount of system memory supported is 1024MB).

The VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S remained very quiet and cold during my tests. I measured the temperature of the hottest spots on the notebook’s surfaces with an infrared thermometer after 30 minutes of work in the Classic mode of Battery Eater Pro 2.60 (the room temperature remained at 23°C during this test). Here are the numbers I got:

  • LCD panel – 32°C
  • Keyboard – 32°C
  • Bottom panel – 34°C

The next table summarizes the technical characteristics of the Sony VAIO VGN-T2XRP/S sub-notebook:

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