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The notebook’s battery life was measured with Battery Eater Pro 2.60. The test was performed at the maximum screen brightness in the following modes:

  • Classic (the system bears a high and evenly distributed load)
  • Reader’s test (the pages are scrolled through each 15 seconds)
  • DVD mode (a DVD movie is launched in Battery Eater’s Idle test mode)

The three hours of autonomous operation in the Reader’s mode is a good result for the rather hungry configuration the VAIO VGN-C2ZR/B has. On the other hand, the battery can only last two hours when the notebook is under load, which is not so long considering the “on-the-go” positioning of the product.

Here are battery discharge diagrams for the different operation modes.


Once again Sony’s design team has come up with a well-balanced combination of style, performance and superb ergonomics. While the VAIO VGN-C2ZR/B with its sober coloring is going to look good in a businessman’s hands, the other three C series models are sure to attract fascinated glances with their uncommon color schemes.

You can select the color of the notebook to match your car, clothes or mood. Don’t forget that a C series notebook is meant to be changing its whereabouts along with its owner all the time. And there are no compromises here: Sony’s C series combines fine ergonomics with impressive performance.

There is only one downside, typical of almost every notebook from this Japanese brand. The VAIO logo on the lid is a sure indication of a very high price.


  • Stylish design and large selection of color schemes
  • Good performance
  • High-quality widescreen display with X-black LCD technology
  • Extensive software bundle
  • Wide wireless opportunities
  • Good balance between the mass/weight parameters and ergonomic qualities
  • Multi-format card-reader included into the box
  • Battery locks located on the battery itself
  • Port-replicator connector


  • Glossy display coating
  • Short battery life
  • No recovery discs
  • Scanty accessories
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