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Performance in Windows Vista

Synthetic Benchmarks

This round of tests begins with SiSoftware Sandra 2007 and PCMarks. You can read the descriptions of these tests in the previous section.

The two notebooks deliver similar performance in the CPU tests. This performance lowers in the battery mode due to the reduction of frequencies like in Windows XP. The Dell Vostro 1400 has only half the amount of memory available on the VAIO, but this has little effect on its results. A difference between the disk subsystems can now be seen.

The new version of SYSMark is intended to reveal a system’s performance under different types of load. It simulates a user who is solving practical tasks in a few popular applications. The benchmark issues a few ratings that are indicative of the system performance under different loads. The results for each test load are shown separately.

The CR11SR/P is ahead as it has two times more memory. Let’s check out the individual tests.

The E-Learning test emulates the creation of an educational website with diverse media content. This script makes use of the following applications: Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia Flash 8 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

The amount of system memory must be the decisive factor here. Otherwise, the two notebooks are identical, and the Dell Vostro 1400 even has a somewhat faster disk subsystem.

The next script is about creating video clips using special effects. The clips are combined out of several sources, including static images. The result is prepared in two formats: HD and for online viewing. The following software is utilized here: Adobe After Effects 7, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9, and Sony Vegas 7.

The pink notebook has an advantage, again, due to the same reasons.

The Productivity test models typical office activities such as sending e-mail, processing data, managing a project, working with documents. Applications employed: Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Project 2003, and WinZip 10.0.

It is the disk subsystem that is important for this test. That’s why the Dell Vostro goes ahead.

The final script from SYSMark 2007 is about creating an architectural presentation including a photorealistic image of the building and a clip with a flyby of it. Two applications are used: AutoDesk 3ds Max 8 and SketchUp 5.

The notebooks are both equipped with integrated graphics cores and produce similar results in both test modes.

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