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Exterior Design and Ergonomics

The notebook’s shape is up its tender color: the edges of the lid are rounded off, adding softness to the outline. The front of the base protrudes from below the lid: there is a chrome band encircling the notebook’s bottom half. By the way, this detail of the case gets soiled easily, collecting your fingerprints, whereas the pink gloss of the lid makes any greasy spots left by your fingers inconspicuous.

A large chrome wavy VAIO logotype can be seen in the center of the lid. The manufacturer’s name is written near the edge in white.

The lid lacks any kind of a lock. There is a special jutting piece at the edge of the lid for your fingers when you are opening the notebook up. The lid is held in the necessary position by the stiff hinges sticking out of the notebook’s bottom half. This allows unfolding the notebook by over 180 degrees, which is rather untypical for the VAIO series.

The protruding front part of the notebook’s base carries is not just a design feature. It is a functional element as well. There are four multimedia buttons in the center of it:

  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Previous Track
  • Next Track

There are six indicators on the right:

  • Power (alight when the notebook is turned on; blinking in standby mode; off when the notebook is turned off or in sleep mode)
  • Battery (alight when the notebook is powered by the battery; blinking when the battery charge is low; blinking in sequences of two flashes when the battery is being recharged)
  • HDD activity indicator
  • Memory Stick (alight when the Memory Stick Pro/Duo card is being accessed for reading or writing)
  • Secure Digital (alight when the Secure Digital card is being accessed for reading or writing)
  • Wireless (alight when the Wireless switch is set at On and/or the Bluetooth interface is enabled)

The external block of multimedia buttons and the status indicators remain accessible when the notebook’s lid is closed.

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