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The effort of Sony’s developing team has taken the shape of a new notebook that continues the best traditions of the previous model. The T2 series was good, but the greatly improved VAIO VGN-TX1XRP from the TX series is even better. The robust and smaller case now envelops an advanced up-to-date configuration that can also last long on the battery. The newer integrated graphics core makes the notebook more suitable for 3D games, even though it is still not a true gaming station. The only drawback of the new VAIO is its price. On the other hand, the manufacturer just didn’t try to save on anything, but used only the best stuff possible, from the carbon fiber the case is made of, to the hardware parts inside.

Let’s now wait and see what changes in the product line will be made as a response to the recent announcement of the Napa mobile platform which features a dual-core 65nm Yonah processor and 945 series chipsets (Intel’s Ultra Low Voltage CPUs, usually employed in small notebooks, will be single-core processors, however). It seems Sony has something to work upon to once again surprise us all.


  • Portable and mobile
  • Good performance, also in gaming applications
  • Original design incorporating advanced technologies
  • Built-in optical drive despite the low weight and small dimensions of the notebook
  • Long battery life of both the main and extended-life batteries
  • Big resolution and increased width of the screen as compared with the previous T2 series
  • Bluetooth module
  • Big software bundle
  • Quiet operation


  • High price
  • Reflections on the screen
  • No pouch or bag for transportation included
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