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On the right, the notebook carries a 15-pin D-Sub connector for an external monitor. It also has an optical drive with an activity indicator, a tiny Disc Eject button (the main Eject button is in the group of buttons under the screen) and an emergency ejection hole.

Here’s what you can find at the back of the VAIO VGN-TX1XRP:

  • Network port (RJ-45)
  • Battery connector
  • Power connector
  • 6-pin IEEE1394 port (FireWire)

Unlike with the T2 model, the battery doesn’t stick out of the case. The battery is now inside the notebook, making it even smaller visually.

At the notebook’s bottom you can find a cover of the memory compartment, a port replicator connector, a battery latch, vent holes, and a sticker with the model specs. There are two memory slots in the compartment. One is easily accessible and is occupied with a 512MB module. The other slot is harder to get to as it is on the back side of the mainboard and is free. One more 512MB module is soldered directly on the mainboard. Considering that the maximum supported memory amount is 1536MB with this model, it is easy to replace the 512MB module with a 1GB one. You can also plug a third module into the free slot by following the instruction enclosed with the notebook or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website . Of course, you can also get the module installed at an authorized service center.

Besides the main 7800mAh battery (the T2 model used to come with a 7650mAh battery), we received an extended-capacity 13000mAh VGP-BPL5 battery and a VGP-PRTX1 port replicator with our sample of the VAIO VGN-TX1XRP.

The extended-capacity battery (you’ll see its test results in the appropriate section of the review) is rather large, and the notebook’s rear part is lifted up a little when you use it. If you use the port replicator, the battery fits into it perfectly. The dock station has its own power connector, three High-Speed USB ports, a network connector (RJ-45), and a 15-pin D-Sub port for an external monitor.

The port replicator and the notebook with the replicator and extended-life battery installed are shown in the next snapshots:

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