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Putting it briefly, the Toshiba Libretto U100-S213 is a good compromise between compactness and functionality. It is not free from typical drawbacks of super-compact notebooks like small keys on the keyboard, a small screen with a big resolution, and a not very convenient mini-joystick. So, the main purpose of this cutie is to replace a full-size notebook when the latter is too big. The Libretto doesn’t even require a bag – you can easily put it into your suit pocket. Don’t also undervalue the opportunity to use this notebook as a portable system case: if you attach an external monitor and a keyboard with mouse, the Libretto U100-S213 will become a typical office computer (it has enough memory and disk space and a powerful enough processor to perform everyday office tasks).

Our tests showed that the graphics subsystem is the only low-performance component of this notebook, so you won’t be able to use it as a portable gaming station.

The Libretto U100-S213 can’t boast stunning looks (Toshiba’s designers must have been on vacation when this model was prepared for release), so you’d better consider other models if you just need to impress your friends. But if your priorities are compactness, low weight, long battery life and high performance (and you don’t care much about the not very robust plastic case), the Libretto U100-S213 may suit you ideally.

This notebook will be most useful on trips, for example, as you can copy the snapshots you’ve made with your digital camera to it and edit them right on the spot and then burn them to optical discs or send via the Internet (the Libretto U100-S213 offers good networking opportunities for that).

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