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High performance, small dimensions and wireless capabilities are the most valued things today in this rapidly-evolving world of information technologies. Mobile technologies advancing further, we now regard the notebook not as just an electronic typewriter with batteries, but rather as a high-performance system capable of running office and multimedia applications as well as modern 3D games and DVD players (with highest graphics quality settings!).

The modern notebook is an amalgam of wireless interfaces and interconnects; it is a stylish, compact and indispensable attribute of the 21st-century man.

The market of portable computers is constantly expanding, revealing variegated models and configurations. The Portege M100 notebook from Toshiba perfectly meets the requirements of the times and the users. We’ll take a closer look at this model today.

Package and Accessories

These are things you receive with the notebook: an external power adapter (small enough, though), a phone cable, a pack of drivers and utilities, a pile of necessary documentation and a user manual, a spare TrackPoint cap and a gag for an empty optical drive bay.

You don’t have a bag or a mouse here, although they would be of some help.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]


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